Ivan B
- Layers Of Reflections -





This song could have easily been called “Frustrations” because that’s what this song is basically about. Just a lot of pent up anger and frustration that I needed to let out. Though I wanted it to be a bit more conceptual than that. I always had an idea for a song to be centered around the microphone that I record on, though nothing pieced together how I wanted it too. I wrote lines here and there on how I was feeling those days and soon enough I was able to make a full song about the things I was going through. The emotion and aggression I put this microphone through sparked the idea of using that beat for the concept of the song. Songwriting is different for every artist, and for me writing a few lines a day on exactly what I’m feeling allows me to paint a clearer picture for any life story I want to talk about. Sometimes the idea of a song can linger for months, yet only a few nights to fully write.

For the first verse I wanted to address the connotation that my music should only center around relationships. The music I make is more than broken relationships and lost love, it’s whatever it is my heart is going through at the time. There will always be something to write about because life will always give you hills and mountains to climb over. Sometimes that’s love and other times it’s not having enough to pay for gas to get to work. I write music to help me cope with day to day life and whatever is lingering on my mind is what you will hear.

The second verse ties into the first but with more direct lyrics. And what I mean by “direct” is that some of those lines actually occurred that day when i was writing them. Towards the end of this verse there is a set of lines that I feel is the heart of the song and embodies the overall concept of the track, “Nobody gets it no matter what I’m confessing. If I told you where I’m hurting no one’s down to address it. They hear my words not the message, baby I’m used to this lesson..” The majority of the time I see a lot of people listening to music for the rhythm of the track but not the message that it holds. At times I see that with the music I create and it does get frustrating because there is an underlying theme to everything I create. Maybe I’m just even too deep for my own good lol.

The last part of the song I wanted to be straight forward as I can be. I wanted this part to resonate the most with whoever listens and it did take a while to write. I wanted the lyrics to be just as intense as the vocal performance and it’s awesome to see everyone enjoying this part the most. I tie together the last two verses with the lines, “I could care less who you think I am, all of you I can see through. Kids want to rap, I do this cause I need too..” I do this because it’s a form of therapy for me and being myself, saying what I need to say, is the most important part about making music. Just be yourself, let out what you need to let out.


  1. Adriano Adinhovic
    July 27, 2016 / Reply

    Your not sick of the world but sick of the people, so true my brother, people need to change to and start seeing the deeper meaning of life .

  2. Enrique Eslava
    July 27, 2016 / Reply

    Hey I love ur music man, and I get that some people do hear for the Rhythm but I’m here telling you that I do seek The message. I know you must be thinking that I’m just saying this because I read it up there but the truth is I actually like your music.you know I have faith in God to I’ve been where you been you might think that nobody can relate but I can.Ivan I was inspired by you,me and my friend are making a mix tape and I’ve been hearing to your songs as inspiration.Ivan I was inspired by you,me and my friend are making a mix tape and I’ve been hearing to your songs as inspiration. You know I heard on one of your songs on layers of reflections you said ” make a life worth living, why you try to imitate him your life,your story,you paint them” that was really inspiring to me. Look man I really want to meet you one day because you speak the truth.no I’ve been tweeting and snap chatting you because you are just inspiring person. You might think that you’re just a kid with a pen but you’re more than, you said it yourself.you saved people’s life with your music why not continue that. Look I write too. I write every day when I’m going to something and that’s exactly how I’m going to make my songs. Look man I don’t care if you’re famous. I really want to like talk to you I’m saying. I want to ask you so many things.Look you can just think of me as another fan but I Kinda think I As family. I really want to write songs like you. I’m Enrique Eslava and I’m from North Carolina. I want you to keep up the good work and if you can contact me, if you want someone to talk to.-enrique eslava

  3. Elvino
    July 28, 2016 / Reply

    Keep up the quality songs Ivan, these songs are always hitting us right in the feels. As long as you make music for yourself and not for the money your future songs will keep the quality they hold today. Hopefully see you touring in Brisbane, Australia one day

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